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Piano Digital Korg Liano - várias cores

Piano Digital Korg Liano - várias cores

Imagine how much better life can be with a piano! Music, expression, entertainment, fulfillment - a piano can make every day more enjoyable. But a piano takes space, it’s heavy, it needs tuning, it can be too loud for some homes, so what can we do about this?
KORG is proud to announce an all new slim, lightweight piano that solves these problems all while delivering a great feel and outstanding piano sound!
Love music and piano even more. Start your new musical life with the Korg Liano!
Acessórios incluídos:
- Púlpito
- Partitura (rConcert Play/Music Library)
- Adaptador de rede: AD-E24500LW
- Suporte para headphones
    Imposto incl.
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